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Design and construction of custom websites. Static or dynamic websites, e-shops, all compatible with any device (desktop, tablets, smartphones) RESPONSIVE DESIGN, supported by all popular browsers of the internet. Since 2014 all our websites are mobile friendly designed. We do not use readymade templates, we design custom solutions, always depending on the needs and requirements of the customer.

We are web designers since 1995, when in Greece this mode of advertising was not widespread. With experience and expertise, we create websites from small to large businesses that want to advertise on the web. We also provide web hosting and registry the domain name.

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  • KAZANAS 1978
  • Client: ΡοwerSıte
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  • e-shop for Greek food
  • Client: ΡοwerSıte
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The idea is not to live forever
it is to create something that will

-Andy Warhol-

The value of a good design

The design can help the sell of a product or idea through effective visual communication. It applies to products and visual elements of the company's identity, including logo, colors to be used, the packaging that will promote the product and careful word choice. Proper development and artistic treatment of all these elements that constitute the distinctive aspects of the product, determine the graphic work, which will take the correct visual display of the product or the company.

A graphic designer can use the visual arts (design), page layout techniques (layout), but also various technical possibilities that can provide the current typography (printing) to produce the appropriate final result. He is the creator of the original static or animated (animation flash) image – draft.

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