Η Mayagraphics operates in the field of print and electronic advertising, providing every business with the best possible marketing.


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We started as a team of two, both 1994 graduates from VAKALO College with degrees in Visual Communication and Advertising. We share a love for the creative field of Graphic Arts.

We immediately began our careers in the in the creative field, mainly in publications (prints, magazines) and Multimedia applications (cd-roms, infokiosks, websites) respectively. Shortly thereafter, we successfully undertook demanding and large projects as Art Directors.

In 1995, we designed some of the first interactive infokiosk applications, using touch screen capability and multimedia technology. We then took on the artistic direction of several instructional and educational applications on CD-ROMS.

We have been building websites since 1996, when this medium was still unknown in Greece. The first page uploaded to the world wide web was from CERN. The internet was launched to the public on April 30 1993, when CERN announced that the WWW protocols would be freely available to the world.



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With a wealth of experience and know-how, following a number of years in the broad field of print and electronic advertising, we created Maya Graphics in April 2004. The name "Maya" came from our beloved dog. The first logo was Maya with one ear always down.

We started with passion designing websites, printed materials, and magazines; with a strong skillset in the creation of logos, which we always aim to make easily recognizable visually and functionally to the general public. We have worked for many years with major publishing houses for the pagination of educational materials, literary books, comics, and magazines.



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The increased demand pushed us to undertake new collaborations, with highly qualified and specialized programmers in the fields of IT, photography, copywriting, etc. All our partners have the necessary know-how through continuous learning, in order to provide you modern and innovative solutions.

We are able to undertake the design, development, and implementation of new technologies as well as the support of the most demanding projects.



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All MayaGraphics services are unique and designed exclusively for each client, always customized to their own needs.

We have developed, over time, a personal relationship with our clients, based on trust, reliability and the quality of our services.

The trust of our customers is long-lasting, precisely because we see each business, but also each person separately, listening to and understanding their needs.

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Design is so simple, thats why it is so complicated.

-Paul Rand-

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