printed and electronic advertising services

Based on your long experience in designing magazines, logos and websites we provide you high quality graphic services. From conceiving an idea, then design drafts, to the final result, our services are consistent, reliable, and with very competitive fees.

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Layout in paper and electronic form

We undertake the design and layout of books, monthly magazines and newspapers. After years of experience in designing and layout of publications, we expanded in layout in electronic form also. We use InDesign in ePUB format, and create in electronic form, highly visual eBooks and eMagazines. Keeping texts vivid, complex layouts, multimedia content (video, animation, video, audio) and interactivity.

Responsive Web Design

We create websites with Responsive Web Design and mobile friendly. This means that a website meets and adapts according to the screen resolution in which the site is displayed. Sites that are compatible with all popular browsers of the internet: chrome, internet explorer, firefox, opera, safari. This technology facilitates that there’s no need that two websites need to be updated but only the main one. Therefore it saves us a lot of time and money.

Design - printing - delivery

We design advertising models, magazines, posters and all kinds of printed materials with care, all custumed to the needs of each client. We can undertake other designing brochures, printing and delivery of these at your place (in Athens). Our long collaboration with printers, allows us to achieve best deals on prices and delivery times, and to ensure quality of work.

Mobile Apps - Web 3.0

We design websites and applications exclusively for mobile phones (smartphones). We offer solutions for mobile applications using Apple iOS and Android, and HTML5 mobile applications for all devices, a new market trend that is increasing with time. It is an emerging market, which according to the International Telecommunication Union, the internet access from mobile devices will exceed that of table devices within a few years.

Corporate identity - Company profile

We undertake the company or shop identity design, starting first with logo design and then designing the applications such as cards, letterheads, folders, documents, newsletters, clothing, signs, packaging, promotional gifts, etc. The philosophy and the goal of a well-designed corporate identity are to become easily recognizable visually and functionally to the public.

e-shop (online shop)

Take advantage of the construction of a eshop, and the growing trend for online shopping. Start your own eshop using our experience in eshop construction, with graphics designed for you exclusively. Custom and "clean" code for search engines, and not ready packages joomla, drupal, wordpress etc. Through a user-friendly management interface, in the language of your choice, you can easily manage it yourself.

Design layouts - Advertising

We design advertising artwork for companies, products and services that will be used in magazines and guides. We promote your services or products with imaginative ideas and appealing artwork to increase your sales or help your product, service, idea or person to become widely recognizable. Our goal is to achieve an advertisement that will lead you to achieve your goals.

Hosting - Domain Name

We provide reliable web hosting, for a successful website. Unlimited pages, e-mails and space for static and dynamic pages. Hosting management with Greek IP, packets on IIS (windows) and LINUX servers, high speed in response times and higher ranking results through Google. Also we can register or renew your Domain Names.

Image processing - Path

We can undertake packages with images that have to be contoured  (path), or process large amount of photos / products for online store (eshop) or printed catalogs. Each photograph is treated separately, the path or otherwise trimming is carried out with great precision. The trimming of photos, products or persons, in particular for printed catalogs and models should be done by professionals.

Site management (CMS)

We use CMS, Content Management System for dynamic web pages and e-shops, where the administrator can easily modify the website. Updating data is simple, through an environment-friendly management. We provide training to the persons who will carry on as administrators on how to modify the page through the administrator tool and update the website. We also register all data from your old site to the new one and can undertake the maintenance of your web site, through management, with a monthly payment of services.

Packaging - Self-adhesive labels

We design stylish packaging of your products, making them stand out among a multitude of competitors. We undertake the design and printing of adhesive models on vinyl for signs, stickers, labels for product packaging, adhesive covers for laptops and tablets, with vivid colors on any subject and shape desired.

Poster – Stands

We design according to your needs, posters and advertising stands for products on various events and exhibition stands. Posters and stands that communicate dynamically, and printing on various paper types and sizes.

Animation Flash – Animation

Impressive advertising banners animated in flash, in whatever form and dimension you want. With our expertise creativity at our disposal, we can ensure a correct and efficient banner for your company / work. We also design flashes for education, entertainment, and of course to enrich your personal or corporate website with animation.

Icon design

We design icons used for pages and applications destined for printed or online use (web sites). We design with Illustrator vector graphics (vector), icons in format Eps, Ai, Pdf with creativity and imagination, adapted to the requirements of your applications, and to the size you want! A website or a cd-rom, can be shown in the best way through the use of icons.

Bad design shouts at you.
Good design is the silent seller.

-Shane Meendering-

The value of a good design

The design can help the sell of a product or idea through effective visual communication. It applies to products and visual elements of the company's identity, including logo, colors to be used, the packaging that will promote the product and careful word choice. Proper development and artistic treatment of all these elements that constitute the distinctive aspects of the product, determine the graphic work, which will take the correct visual display of the product or the company.

A graphic designer can use the visual arts (design), page layout techniques (layout), but also various technical possibilities that can provide the current typography (printing) to produce the appropriate final result. He is the creator of the original static or animated (animation flash) image – draft.

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