print and digital advertising

We provide comprehensive, high-quality services for the printed and electronic promotion of your business. Based on our many years of experience, we design websitesprint materials, magazineand logos. From the infancy of an idea to the preliminary designs, to the final result, our services are consistent, reliable, and competitively priced.

A properly designed website, with original functional Design, easy-to-use and friendly navigation, studied target group, attractive Call to Action, with unique texts, photos, videos, etc. will contribute to the best image and credibility of your company.

Provisions of dynamic Websites

100% Mobile Friendly, Responsive κατασκευή / Easy Content Management System (CMS) in Greek / High security with fast speeds / Unlimited dynamic subpages / Additional language support / Newsletter registration / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) MetaData, Friendly URLs, Self-diagnosis of issues, etc. / Connection to social media / Prompt buttons (Call to actions) / Contact form, map (Google maps) / Unlimited Emails / Analytics of visitors, best pages, devices / Connection to Google Analytics / Add Sitemap in Google / Technical support

Website construction (Web Design)

We design highly aesthetic websites, unique solutions designed exclusively for you. Construction of corporate presentation websites, hotels, news articles, portals, blogs, E-shops (online store), with customized solutions (custom CMS) or in open-source software (open-source CMS), guaranteed functional and search engine friendly websites. Websites responsive to every device and browser, with fast speeds, high security, and immediate technical support.


Website design and development

We place great emphasis on the development process and on the design of the user experience (UX) of each project, that is, on optimizing the quality of the interaction between the user and the company. In this way, the user will experience a seamless, enjoyable visit to your website. We pay particular attention to User Interface (UI) design for the look, feel and interactivity of a product or service, at the user interface. With beautiful color combinations, with the right fonts, with the right structured spaces, with hand-designed icons and buttons, we offer our own unique look at designing a website.

We build your website using all the latest technologies, with highly qualified developers, who will guarantee you the desired result.

Contact us to discuss the best possible exposure for your business!


Provisions for E-shops

Management in Greek  / 100% Mobile Friendly Online Store / Fast speeds / Unlimited items / Unlimited filters / Item search with filters / Ability to offer discounts on items / Direct purchase (One Page Checkout) / Favourite products / Recommended products / Product comparison / Product combinations / Shipping Cost calculation / Connection with transport and courier / Payment by credit card, cash on delivery, bank deposit / Interface with a bank of your choice / Optimized e-shop (On page S.E.O) / Interface with scroutz, BestPrice, etc / Interface with ERP / Guarantee of good operation

Online store - eCommerce website

The E-shop is now a one-stop shop for every small or large business. E-commerce allows you to sell your products anywhere, 24/7. Benefit immediately from the construction of an online store – e-shop, and the growing trend for online shopping.

We design handmade, unique graphics, exclusively to your measurements or by purchasing ready-made eCommerce templates, we create your own E-SHOP. We also build a Custom e-Shop with a simple and easy-to-use management environment, entirely in Greek, which will allow you to manage your products very easily, or we build your new online store with a WooCommerce management environment on a WordPress platform.

Ask us for an quote to build your own e-shop!

Σελιδοποίηση σε έντυπη και ηλεκτρονική μορφή

We have paginated

Tourism Magazines / Technology - Computer Magazines / Gastronomy Magazines / Local Restaurant Guide / Monthly Tourism Magazine / Scrapbooks & Luxury Publications / Scientific Periodicals & Studies / University Conference Proceedings / Architecture & Urban Planning / Publishing House School Newspaper / Dictionary / Educational literary books / School Aids (Mathematics, Modern Greek language, Anthology, etc.) / Balance Sheets – Reports

Pagination in print and electronic form

Our extensive experience in publishing gives us the confidence to properly cope with even the most demanding book and magazine designs. Every publication, whether it is a magazine of a special type with monthly or annual needs, a literary or educational book, an album, or a guide, is a creative challenge for us.

The training we have in coordinating a release allows us to confidently guarantee the result.

Let’s discuss your idea as you have imagined it, we will then suggest solutions and finally, you will see your thoughts put on paper.

Mobile εφαρμογές

Mobile Applications (Mobile App)

We build mobile applications exclusively for smart phones. We offer solutions for mobile apps with Apple iOS and Android operating systems, as well as HTML5 mobile applications for all devices. It is a growing market, that according to the International Telecommunication Union, mobile internet access has already surpassed that of desktop computers and is increasing over time.

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Σχεδιασμός εντύπου - Εκτύπωση - Παράδοση

We design

Advertising materials / Brochures / Leaflets Single-sheet, Double-sided, Tri-fold / Flyers / Product catalogs / Catalogs for exhibitions / Restaurant and cafe menus / Price lists Annual reports - Balance sheets

Print design - Printing - Delivery

With creativity and imagination, we add something special to this very broad field of print. We design all kinds of printed advertising material (brochures, catalogues, flyers) all with passion and adapted to your needs. We take care of the production of your print materials, the study of visual communication, with unique ideas, unique drafts without ready-made templates, photographic material or produce photographs in collaboration with various photographers, design, and corrections until the delivery of the file for printing.

We also undertake the printing and delivery of these to your location (within Attica). Our long-term cooperation with printers allows us to achieve better offers in terms of prices and delivery times. For an elegant final result, it is very important that the production supervision and coordination of a print is done by qualified people in the field, who can control the quality and the stages of the production process.

Τεχνική υποστήριξη - Συντήρηση - Ασφάλεια

Examples of maintenance services

Editing and modification of pages / Registration of new pages / Editing of photos / Publication of announcements and news / Modifying or adding text / Adding products to e-commerce / Editing and registration of large of photos packages / Creation and uploading of digital forms, PDF, word, etc. / Optimization of the page in search engines (SEO) / Status checks / Support and immediate response to emergencies

Technical support - Maintenance - Security

We provide, in the form of an annual contract, comprehensive technical support for websites that require continual content update as well as all maintenance for their proper operation. Via phone, email, video call or even at your location, we provide you with immediate and responsible technical support. With experience and consistency, we undertake the preventive and corrective support, maintenance, improvement, registration and ensure the proper functioning of your website.

At MayaGraphics we take the security of your websites very seriously. For any corporate, news, e-commerce website, regular auditing is of prime importance to avoid malicious attacks.

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Ιστοφιλοξενία - Κατοχύρωση Ονομάτων Χώρου

Hosting Features

Fast GR-IX network / SSD Web Hosting / Greek IP for better SEO / Unlimited email accounts / Technologies PHP, ASP, HTTP/2, AJAX, Python, JavaScript, DHTML, XML / Custom Website / WordPress / Drupal / Joomla / Magento ready / MySQL databases / Web Server Logs / Spam Experts / FTP Πρόσβαση / BackUp

Web Hosting - Domain Name Registration

We provide you with reliable web hosting to ensure the success of your website. Unlimited pages, e-mails and space for static and dynamic pages. Web hosting management with Greek IP, in IIS (windows) and LINUX servers packages, with fast response times and higher ranking in Greek results via Google.

Κατοχύρωση Ονομάτων Χώρου

You can also register or renew your Domain Names with us.

Let's collaborate to find the best URL for your new website!

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Σχεδιασμός μακέτας - Διαφήμιση

We design mockups for

Full page magazine or newspaper listings / Magazine centerfolds / Web banners / Rollup banner / Forms, Brochures / Flyers / Posters, Digital posters / Signage, Signs / Stickers, Advertising stickers / Catalogues, Price lists / Packaging, Labels / Business cards / Letterhead / Manila and other envelopes / Folders

Mockup Design - Advertising

Part of your advertising campaign is the listings that will appear in print or online. Centrefolds, full pages and in various dimensions for the printed press, or in banner format for the internet and social media, we provide you with everything you need for your advertising.

Our mockups are unique and designed exclusively for you.

We are here to listen to your goals and suggest a properly structured and effective visual advertising display.

From the initial stage of professional photography to the design of the visual promotion of your business or product, we ensure the best exposure so that you attract your target audience as precisely as possible. The dynamic and creative visual approach of the advertising mockup, combined with the right distribution of logo, use of text and photography, construct a set that will succeed in attracting the attention of the audience.

Our goal is for the immediate and effective promotion of your business.

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Συσκευασία - Αυτοκόλλητες ετικέτες

We undertake the design

E-shop packaging / Food packaging / Clothing packaging / Cosmetic packaging / Clothing labels / Bottle labels / Pharmaceutical labels / Shopping bags and boxes

Packaging Design - Product Label

Targeted, stylish packaging has the power to make your product stand out from a crowd of competitors. Whether it's something new, or you're thinking of redesigning your product packaging, let’s discuss your plans and we will suggest the best possible solution to showcase your product.

At MayaGraphics we fully undertake the study and design of your product label, considering the arena in which it will be promoted. The primary goal is to complete a proper study of the competition, so that we can identify the points that make your product stand out and promote them accordingly. Many people are attracted by the packaging or label of a product and are thus led to buy it. By correctly highlighting the appropriate areas, the consumer will not only choose it, but continue to prefer it. By introducing you to the various technical means that can be used and relying on our design experience, we will develop an aesthetically pleasing, but also commercially effective array of items.

Πινακίδα, Αφίσα και Εκθεσιακά Stands

Sign, Poster and Exhibition Stands

Signage, signs, placards, posters and stands for advertising your products or services based on your needs and budget. Our impressive visuals will make your exhibition stands and event spaces stand out against all others.

We design large sizes (banners) with precision and quality, for exterior or interior spaces of your business. We create mock-ups for illuminated signs, vinyl self-adhesive signs, on a perforated Mesh PVC tarpaulin (with visibility from the inside), on a shading roller, or on any other material of your choice, for your company, store, or booth.

Mock-ups for posters and stands with powerful tag lines and printing available in various types and sizes.

Δημιουργία διαφημιστικών banners - Web banner - Animation

Design of advertising banners - Web banner - Animation

Impressive and original advertising banners with motion, in any format and dimension you require. With our expertise and creativity, we can provide you with a stylish and efficient banner for your website or for your advertising campaigns through Google Adwords, Facebook, etc.

Banner animation and advertising draw the user in to interact more with your product. Take advantage of rotating images, moving visual elements such as shapes, fonts, colors, and icons allowing you to retain and gain more customers.

Benefit from your advertising campaign by creating a special animation banner.

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See what others don’t see. Then show it to them. That is creativity.

-Brian Vaszily-

Για οποιαδήποτε ερώτηση ή διευκρίνιση είμαστε στη διάθεσή σας να σας εξυπηρετήσουμε.

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